Mice Infestation

How to deal with a rat, mouse or mice infestation

Mice InfestationMice infestation can disrupt your home, your family and your peace all together. We’ve put together this guide so we can understand better how to approach a mice infestation issue.

The deer mouse is one of the most common rodent species found throughout most of the United States. They are 4 to 9 inches long and are reddish brown in color with a white chest, white feet and a bicolored tail: brown on top and white on the bottom. Their natural habitat is in rural and semirural areas, where they inhabit fields, pastures, and various types of vegetation found around homes and outbuildings. This mouse commonly invades garages, attics, sheds, woodpiles, crawl spaces and the general living quarters of homes.

Mice can enter quarter-inch openings. They may get in through broken windows, poorly screened attic and foundation vents, openings through any walls created by cable, oil, propane, electric, gas, water and/or sewage services, and through any other openings or cracks or crevices in foundations, walls or roofs. Mice can also chew holes directly through siding and/or window or door frames.

While house mice aren’t associated to the hantavirus, they are very prolific and very unpleasant to have infesting your home. Under optimum conditions, house mice can breed year-round. Outdoors, house mice may tend toward seasonal breeding, peaking in the spring and fall. Females may produce as many as 10 litters (about 50 young) in a year. At very high densities, however, reproduction may nearly cease despite the presence of excess food and cover.

While mice primarily are active at night, some day activity also occurs. Movements of house mice are most determined by temperature, food and hiding spots.

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