Rat Control and Mice Elimination Services

Rat Control and Mice Elimination Services is a 4-step process. Omitting one of three steps means you have repeated rat infestations. Omitting the other means you have a filthy mess with disease pathogens, damage to your home’s insulation and a barrier to selling your home in the future. You need all four steps to solve your rodent problem and the problems they’ve caused…and to keep it solved for good we have a 4 step strategy on how to get rid of mice.
1 – Inspection and Initial Treatment for Mice Control
Rats are aggressive, tenacious and secretive. Even new homes are susceptible. So, first, you need a qualified and experienced inspector to determine details of infestation–such as entry points, nest sites, damage and more. Vulnerable areas requiring attention are identified and traps set.
2 – Rat Exclusion
Rodent access points are repaired and sealed–whether on the roof (at roof adjournments & eaves), loose fitting doors, broken foundation vents, burrows in the soil or numerous other locations. Other locations that are especially vulnerable are addressed. Traps are carefully checked and emptied.
3 – Rat Control Decontamination and Restoration
Rodent droppings and other contamination pose a health hazard. And you don’t want these problems to appear on a home inspection when it comes time to sell your home in the future. Droppings are removed. Damaged insulation is removed & replaced. Surfaces are sanitized and a deodorant applied.
4 – Rat Control Protection Plan
Even with the best rodent control for your home, the conditions in your greater neighborhood rarely change. Rodents are territorial and leave pheromone scent trails that can last for 6 months or more. So other rodents are attracted, especially with the defending population eliminated. The Rat Control Guys provides optimal rat protection that keeps the rodents from re-establishing in the future.

Rat Control and Mice Elimination Services since 1995, our team of of experts at The Rat Control Guys have the right tools and experience when it comes to Rat Control and Mice Elimination Service in San Mateo County. Please contact us to discuss your rat control needs.